How to receive the 7,500 AA miles WITHOUT test driving a car

Cadillac AA

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard that you can test drive a Cadillac and earn 7,500 AAdvantage miles. However, what if you wanted to earn those miles without test driving a Cadillac? Easy.

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Car dealers want to sell you cars. Period. They don’t like wasting their time in having you take a test drive for a car that you’d never consider buying. Further, if you show no interest in their sales pitch, they’ll show no interest in you. For a mileage earner, it’s a win-win situation.

From the terms on their website:

Once the test drive is completed, the dealer will enter your participation on the website, and upon confirmation, the miles will be applied to your AAdvantage account within 4-6 weeks. An email confirmation will be sent to you.

Here’s what you can do to try to earn the 7,500 AAdvantage miles without a test drive.

1. Schedule a test-drive. Call a Cadillac Concierge at 844-469-2234 OR Use the chat online feature on

2. Email the General Manager at the Cadillac dealer which you scheduled the test drive. Kindly let the manager know you want to earn the AAdvantage miles, but simply have no interest in purchasing a vehicle. To them, this saves you having to take a test drive and wasting time where they could be selling a vehicle to another customer. Seeing this, the manager who you speak with may decide to simply report you having taken the test drive, that way you can earn the miles without ever stepping foot in the car. There are many folks reporting success with this, and to the dealers, it simply saves them time and energy to focus on real customers.

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Has anyone been successful with this so far? Or, are you actually going into a Cadillac dealer to take the test drive yourself?

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    • says

      In most cases, the dealerships are offering the miles and not necessarily the consumer. The dealers don’t want to waste time having folks take a test drive for a car they won’t buy, so they are the ones offering to free up spots by awarding the miles anyway. Saying that you’ve opened up a credit card to get the bonus and then never spending another dime again is in a similar “unethical” category.

  1. says

    How could you be sure they put you down as having done the test drive? If your miles don’t show up then you can’t exactly forward AA or Cadillac the email saying you don’t want to go to the dealership.
    I did not have to do the test drive but I did go to the dealership. When I arrived the salesman said he would give me the miles. It was his decision as I was prepared to take the drive and listen to any sales pitch.

  2. Santastico says

    Registered for this promo and went for my test drive last Friday. Felt very bad for the sales associate. He asked if I was interested to buy the car. I said I wasn’t. He asked me to wait and came back after 5 minutes saying I was ready to go and my miles would post in 4-6 weeks. I looked at him and asked how about testing the car. He looked surprised and said I was the only one that registered for the promo and wanted to test the car. I went out for a drive with him and he was “happy” that at least he could talk about the car with someone. Very bad promotion for the dealers.

  3. says

    Cadillac offered a similar promo awhile back, but it was for a $100 gift card. A lot of people used this method and were told that they would receive the gift card in 4-6 weeks. Guess what happened? They didn’t receive the gift card.

    Just do the test drive and save yourself some hassle. It doesn’t take long and the Cadillac sales people aren’t very pushy.


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