Concourse Hotel at LAX Responds to My Complaints

This morning, I published a very unfavorable review of the Concourse Hotel at LAX, a new Hyatt property on the LAX airport campus.

I just got off the phone with the Director of Operations for the hotel. When I asked to speak with the General Manager, I was advised he was in a meeting through the remainder of the day.

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I had a chance to speak with her about the condition of my stay:

  • Flies in the sink.
  • Hair in the bathtub
  • Maintenance issues in the room
  • Non-working air conditioning
  • A couch missing springs
  • An unappetizing breakfast


The Director of Operations advised me that Hyatt put in a new management team 3 weeks ago, and they are working to turn around the property. Through April, they are doing a “soft renovation” repairing broken furniture, doing extra cleaning, and replacing very dated pieces. After April, they’ll begin a very expensive full renovation, which will lead to their branding as the Hyatt Regency LAX.

They’ll be taking the two rooms I stayed in out of service, though I’m suspicious that these are the “only” two rooms in the hotel with issue.

I was very blunt in speaking with the manager about my stay, basically summing up the issues into ones of matter of health and safety – and one that could easily cause a lawsuit with the right guest.

The Director of Operations offered my compensation for my stay, in addition to them wiping the bill for my stay.

  • 35,000 Hyatt Gold Passport points
  • An invitation to stay at the hotel, post-renovation gratis to review the property
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Do you think this compensation was fair? What would you have done in this circumstance?

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  1. Bob Duaime says

    I did not see any addressing of the shortage of desk help. I wonder if the “soft” renovation might also include at least having the proper personnel on duty. Maybe with the adequate work force, at least the rooms would be cleaned properly. If the “rolled over” work force was not performing to the new management, the site should have been closed until the proper people were in place but this would have cost more money than what they spent on you. As you pointed out originally in your report, there is no excuse to be shorthanded at what should be a 24 hour a day site in a major transportation hub. I stayed at the same location 8 years ago and it looks like nothing has change. While it was “nice” that the local management as well as the corporate management were willing to mollify you with wiping out the charges and granting you some additional bonus points, that is only a PR stunt because you blog is well read. What about the rest of us who pay true money but lack the PR potential that you have?

  2. says

    I think you received more than fair compensation. Essentially you had your room comped for the night and have been given the equivalent of two to three nights at a Category 4 Hyatt property.

    I actually tried to book that property shortly after the ‘changeover’ and was unable to do so. I think you have saved me the trouble of wanting to stay there in the foreseeable future.

  3. says

    Well, if you read my post prior you would have at least expected the old furniture. :p

    We had VERY different experiences when it came to room product, but I don’t doubt anything in your post. There’s a reason Hyatt didn’t slap their name on the property from the get-go.

    Not excusing the couch or flies, but all seem very likely given the severe state of disrepair from the owners that ran it into the ground. And, there’s bound to be bad staffing for a while.

    That being said, I think you got more than your fair share of compensation. You didn’t pay for your room. I’m guessing your rate was at or below $100, so not much there. But, you can easily turn those points into $500 or more worth of high-end Hyatt stays. And, you’ll likely get another free stay when you return.

    Not saying you don’t have a right to be highly agitated from your experience, but I think net-net it was a positive result.

  4. Theresa Jackson says

    You were far more than fairly compensated. It is unfortunate you experienced a hotel in a severe rehab. Had you contacted your friendly reputable Travel Agent, we could have advised you on the good bad and ugly on your choice of hotel on points……

  5. Bill says

    Of course you got fair compensation! If anyone, you included, has to ask if that is fair, then you might qualify as one of those guests who always complains and never is satisfied. Your one night stay was comp’d. You have been given 35k points, equivalent to a few nights stay at a category 4 hotel or even a single night’s stay at a category 6-7 hotel. In addition, the hotel has invited you back free of charge to reevaluate if you so choose. You’re welcome to not return, but you have been more than fairly compensated for the bad stay–and you know it.

    I don’t applaud the manner in which Hyatt is converting this property while keeping it open and still advertising it as part of its portfolio. That sets up Hyatt to have disappointed members who are accustomed to Hyatt brand standards which this property clearly cannot deliver, and likely will not deliver until they do the hard renovation. (This soft renovation is all about the property owner trying to suck even more revenue from this piece of crap property.) Hyatt is handling this poorly, and Hyatt is getting what they deserve in the bad PR.

    As for those who think you got more back because you have a blog, I beg to differ. I have had comparably poor experiences at even Four Seasons properties (Manele Bay several years ago) and the Halekulani in Oahu. I emailed the entire FS Board and CEO after my terribly poor stay and provided the link to my tripadvisor review. Within 24 hours, the Assistant GM called me, confirmed that he had confirmed every single critique I had offered, and offered me a free stay of 5 nights in their biggest suite to make up for the bad stay. Instead, I asked for our stay to be refunded–which they did. When it’s really bad, and you’re genuinely complaining, a chain will recognize it and take care of you…when you actually complain. Most people are sheep, and whine to their friends or on tripadvisor and never think twice about actually taking the issue to management or more senior/executive levels. If you truly are treated poorly, and you take the time to follow up with the appropriate personnel, most decent chains will take care of you…just as in this case.

  6. says

    So, the property knew you were a blogger or did they ask?
    My experience with the property is that the staff are trying very hard with a property that has become badly run down with the previous operators.
    I enjoyed the breakfast and thought that the staff went out of their way to make me feel welcome. The shuttle is frequent and fast and I have no qualms staying there. My experiences are here –

  7. Garrett says

    I just did a little mattress run here as I had a party to go to right around the corner, and the AAA rate was <$100. I requested a room on a high floor with a view of the runway. I got both.

    The check in was a bit understaffed, but there was no one waiting in the elite line. As soon as they saw me walk up, they came right over and processed my check in. The agent went through explaining to me how various things would be changing over the course of however many months. All the while he was pecking away at his keyboard trying to find me the best room. I got one on the 11th floor facing the runway. He offered me my amenity (points), and even tried to engage me with some talk about the restaurants and things to do in the evening.

    It was very, very clear that they are trying hard to turn things around. The gentleman who checked me in was brought over from Thompson Hotels to help standardize the experience you get at this hotel. I'm confident that if they continue to hire the right people and put the money where it needs to be this could actually be one of the best airport options.

    Also, the room I got was perfectly clean and neat. Things were where they were supposed to be, and they were clean–even if they did look like someone put them there 10-15 years ago.

    All things considered, I actually would mattress run here again as it is now. I would certainly do it after they get through part of the renovations.

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