Check out the new American Airlines uniform!

The new American Airlines uniform is finally here! Preview images were just released, and are shared below.

According to an internal memo, the new style will be work tested in January with select employees – including both cabin crew, airport staff and pilots. They’ll be looking at various aspects including comfort, style, flexibility, function and use on the job, and from there, the company will make adjustments as needed.

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The uniforms were designed by KAUFMANFRANCO of Los Angeles, who has been a designer for many Hollywood elites.

There’s an interesting sneak peak behind the making of the uniforms here.















What do I think?

I’m always going to miss the old-school uniforms. That said, I also am going to miss the scissor logo, the shiny metal planes and meals on shorter flights, too! 🙂


Not sure how much a fan I am of the new style, but it is what it is. To me, it looks something out of a Calvin Klein store, though certainly matches the modern style on American’s new 737 and A321T aircrafts.

What do you think of the new uniforms? Is it a keeper, or do you prefer the current style?

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  1. Pamela Tomes says

    Its is very unflattering and shapeless for the ladies. The ladies uniform pieces are plain and very dull, Gray? American is going have the ugliest uniforms of all the carriers. I feel sorry for all the employees that have to wear it. Institutionalized and impersonal.

  2. R.L Crandall says

    the new uniforms are horrible. Ugly on a normal person but for the majority of AA employees who are over weights…even worse.

    Please thy again, because this batch is a collassal Failure.

  3. Aaron says

    Sigh. So they came up with drab. I’m so depressed. I’m not going to like wearing this at all. Then again, as FAs, it will hide stains since WE WILL STILL BE CLEANING CABINS ON TURNS!!!
    Thanks new AA. You never fail to fail!!

  4. Kailey says

    Wow, I really appreciate their consideration of their uniform for female pilots. So glad they choose to consider this while designing for the new generation. Really shows their respect for those trying to get into this male dominated industry. Bravo…..

  5. Paris says

    Bravo!!!! New uniforms look amazing . Love the stylish cut, fashionable and great choice of colors . Can’t wait to wear it .

  6. alan says

    I personally love the new Uniforms…love the grey…love the monochromatic look. Many of our seasoned
    Flight Attendants are not as …hmmmm….we were physically when we were new hires, so with that said, maybe more realistic models for the new uniforms would have been more appropriate…just saying…

  7. Greg says

    How about linking your source instead of stealing from A Fly Guy’s Crew Lounge with no attribution whatsoever.

    Bad form.

  8. says

    I like em. With the near obnoxious colors outside the plane, I’m glad they’ve gone stylish and neutral with the uniforms.

    I kind of want one of the men’s FA sweaters. Where do I apply?

  9. MaryAnn Thomas says

    Dreary, dismal, disappointing. Business blah – can’t believe anyone actually got paid to design these rags for the female F/As!

  10. Paul says

    It’s a uniform! It’s professional business attire! It’s not supposed to be cutting edge fashion for your cocktail party! It’s something new! It’s no longer blue! And since when has American airlines ever been the leaders in the look of their employees! I will be glad to be rid of the navy blue and no longer seeing employees in those god awful outdated winter trenchcoats . I will agree something with a little color and pizzazz would have been fun but I never expected that anyway.

  11. Moxie Connor says

    We employees should have the opportunity to present ideas as to the new style uniform. Double breasted gray, I’ll resemble Sgt Shultz. As for the leather jacket.Cheap,shoddy…….We should stay with Gibson and Barnes. Can’t believe these people got big bucks for designing this garbage!

  12. Mary C says

    Female flight attendant uniform pieces are hideous. The color gray is fine but the dress designs are simply ugly. And the silly white scarf has to go. Also who is going to zip up my blouse? Have front buttons!! I can’t believe someone designed this “uniform”. I’d rather wear the present uniform. Let’s have a redesign.

  13. Renee Tate says

    Ugly!!!! Nothing like Gray on Gray on Gray. Where’s the pops of color??? White scarf seriously for how long???? Great look if your 20 and size 0. If not FRUMPY!!

  14. zsubi says

    Obviously designed for men by a man. Can I wear the men’s uniform? The women’s look like The ” Hunger Games ” collection.

  15. tina says

    I think the men’s look is very sharp and stylish….I personally love charcoal grey and silver, however a sharp contrasting color for us ladies would be appreciated especially the scarf…..that poor thing will get hideously dirty from makeup….The dresses are too plain and boring…….love the idea of pencil leg pants,,,,,would like to see a nice vest paired with this……..need short sleeves and long…. quarter length is questionable for most…..just some suggestions………how about a deep teal or eggplant color as in the scarf, a blouse, something……want to feel proud wearing this new uniform, not institutionalized………..


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