Help me with a ticket issue, and I’ll give you 10 free WiFi passes!

Howdy all. I’ve got a little bit of an issue with an airline ticket, and I’m stumped. After repeated calls to both US Airways and American, I’ve gotten no luck in having the issue solved, so I’m resorting to asking for help from you, if you know how. If you can successfully guide me to having this issues fixed, I’ll send you (10) free GoGo inflight wifi passes for your assistance!

Let’s start at the beginning…in March, I’m flying from Washington Dulles to San Diego, via Los Angeles for Frequent Traveler University San Diego.

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Problem: In short, I am an American Airlines Executive Platinum, and I am trying to add myself to the upgrade list for all of my flights, as I am allowed to do, with hopes of upgrades clearing within the 100 hour window.

Issue: I have a US Airways ticket stock ticket that contains all American operated flights (there are no US Airways operated flights). However, because it is on US Airways ticket stock, American says they cannot add me to the upgrade list until at the airport within 24 hours, thus removing my 100 hour upgrade window privilege as an Executive Platinum (not sure if I would win a battlefield upgrade since IAD to LAX is a fairly popular route, where most EXPs will clear in advance, leaving no seats left within 24 hours.).

So, I guess two choices here:

  • I need to have US Airways transfer the ticket to AA, which they won’t do (I called)
  • Have the flights switched to “operated and marketed by American” instead of “Marketed by US Airways, Operated by American,” which, again, they seem unwilling to do.
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Any insight in how to fix? Not that it’s a big deal, but I’ll probably have to battlefield upgrade and the IAD to LAX flights are usually pretty full in F. There’s got to be a way, but I either can’t seem to explain it right to the agents, or there’s something I’m missing…

I’ve called both the American Executive Platinum desk and US Airway’s Chairman’s Preferred desk with no help. In any event, if you’re able to pose a viable solution, this may help others in a similar predicament.

Thanks for your help in advance! Comment below with your thoughts, and if it works, I’ll email you the 10 wifi codes!

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  1. Jada says

    Hi. Contact the US and/or AA BBB reps via They may have the authority to resolve your issue without having to go through all the red tape.

    • T says

      If you can afford to do so.,the only solution is to have the ticket cancelled for later use and buy a new and book it straight with American. I work with US and unfortunately this happens a lot. Until both carriers are on one system there is not a way to do so when. Ticket is purchased under the others ticket stock. Wish there was another way.

      The above comment about the BBB. They have no authority over carriers.

      • says

        I’ve had several folks tell me that they’ve had luck with US either transferring the ticket to AA or actually switching the flights to AA prime flights, although I guess I have no luck reaching such an agent willing to do so. Are those agents just breaking the rules by doing so?

  2. Pam says

    Have you tried logging into Finnair’s website and making sure your AA info is attached to your reservation? Not sure if this works for US Air but it does with British Airways reservations, both One World partners. Had a BA ticketed flight flying AA metal, and once I attached my AA number to the res on Finnair, all my AA benefits kicked in and I was immediately able to go to the AA website and confirm EC seats. Might be worth a try. Or this might be a BA only trick and I’m sending you on a wild goose chase.

    • says

      The AA number is in the reservation and AA can see it, however is unable to add me to the upgrade list due to the ticket being listed as a codeshare. Basically it shifts everything from 100 hours to 24.

      • Pam says

        Yes, my AA number was on my BA res as well, but the Finnair website trick somehow opened me up to seeing upgrades I could not see prior.

  3. T says

    US cannot reissue to AA. AA would have to reissue the ticket the and switch it so that the flights are no longer marketed as US flights. This may caus cause price change(annoying). There have been exceptions made in error. Unfortunately this will occur until the carriers are not operating as seperate companies.

  4. says

    My best guess is buy a new ticket and cancel the current one if the price and cancellation charges aren’t bad. Since you have status it might not cost much. Of course I would think the upgrade list issue would be simple also. I also had thought about checking the Finnair site. I have status with US but not AA and used to have to go there to open up the seat upgrade selections.

  5. says

    I had this EXACT same issue. And I tried and tried and tried, but to no avail, PHX-DFW-LGA. They were AA-operated flights but issued on 037 ticket stock (why do we still use that term?). No-go on PHX-DFW, but I did clear the list at DFW for the LGA segment.

  6. Joanna J says

    Take to Twitter…you get attention there…have had two recent issues with UA (I’m a 1k) and Marriott (I’m a platinum premier). Was able to have issues resolved in 24 hours!

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