Bluffworks: The best pair of travel pants ever

Comfort is key when traveling; there’s no denying that. From airports, to airplanes to hotels to museums, clothing is put under a constant stress, which is why it is absolutely key to have a good fitting, and flexible pair of pants. Several weeks ago at the New York Times Travel Show, I met Stefan the founder and creator of Bluffworks, a company that specializes in making wrinkle-free pants designed for both traveling and work…without ever having to change styles.

In the interest of full disclosure, Stefan provided me a pair of pants to trial test, which I did. I absolutely loved them, and am writing this review to share my thoughts on how great this product is. I ended up ordering 3 pairs of the pants on my own after the trial pair, and paid for these myself.

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Bluffworks pants come in various colors and are marketed as being:

  • 100% technical, breathable quick-dry polyester. Nylon pockets.
  • Zippered front hidden internal security pocket to deter pickpockets. Large enough to hold your passport.
  • Rear zippered pocket sized for an oversized travel wallet.
  • Discrete side pocket phone storage to keep you from sitting on it. Fits an iPhone or a Galaxy S4.
  • Hidden loop to clip keys or a security badge inside your front pocket.
  • Nickle-free jean tack closure.
  • Interior pocket images made to inspire.
  • Designed and manufactured in New York City, of imported fabric from Taiwan.
  • Machine washable. Line or tumble dry.

From the Bluffworks website:

My Bluffs are designed to look great in the office, but stand up to being rolled, folded, stuffed in a bag, and most importantly worn time and time again without ironing or washing in between. Because they are cool and light, they are comfortable when you’re on a bike, or jammed into a hot subway train. They are dying to be the one pair of pants you take when you travel!

Here’s the great thing – they come in half sizes for the waist, so you’re able to size up or down without compromising space for a perfect fit. They’re also wrinkle free, so you don’t have to worry about packing them in your suitcase. I tried this, and they really don’t show wrinkles well, which is fantastic. This is a huge pet peeve of mine when it comes to regular dress pants, so it’s nice to not have to worry about ironing them upon getting to my hotel. If for some reason they do become wrinkled, it’s no sweat – either pop them in the dryer for a few minutes, or hang them in a steaming shower, and they’ll be good as new within a few minutes.

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On a recent trip to Milan, I trial tested them and found great results:

  • When flying, they’re not as bulky as jeans and you feel comfortable sleeping in them if you have a flat bed seat without needing to change into pajamas.
  • When walking through the city, they dry quickly. My trip to Milan found some rainy days, and the pants hardly absorbed any water and were quick to dry upon entering a dry building.
  • While the half sizes are great, I decided to go with my whole, traditional size. I recommend ordering the size you normally wear at home.

These pants also can serve as business dress pants for when you go to work, too. They won’t substitute a pair of suit pants, however they’re perfect for a button up shirt and sport coat, or with a business shirt and tie. Because of this, they’re universal for traveling and working, which is great for business travelers that step off a plane and into a meeting in their arrival city. Having this pants avoids the necessity to change, which is always a hassle. If you’re interested in seeing how these pants can fit your unique lifestyle, I recommend on viewing a full catalog of photos here.

While I was provided one pair to trial test, as I noted above, I decided to order 2 additional pairs, in different colors, above and beyond this free pair – so you can tell I really do love these pants. I ordered pairs in the navy blue, khaki and charcoal, which I think are universal professional, yet sporty colors for on-the-go.

Stefan has a great video he published, which was used to fund his initial Kickstarter campaign, here (if you’re interested in seeing other video reviews of the product I recommend clicking here on YouTube):

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My Take

As you can see, I’m a big fan of these pants – and for good reason. These pants are great if you are:

  • A traveler who floats between traveling and business functions.
  • A traveler who wants a good looking pair of pants that can dry quickly, and won’t wrinkle in your suitcase.
  • …even a non-traveler who wants a good pair of pants for any occasion.

The pants sell for $93, and shipping is free. If you need to return them, they have a guaranteed return policy, though you’ll pay for the return shipping (I did have to do this as I was testing out sizes for a perfect fit).

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