Travel Rudeness, by the numbers

There’s an interesting infographic I found on Pinterest sharing the opinions of a group of readers on the rudest things they find about travel.

Travel Rudeness

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I thought I’d chime in on my responses to these rude situations, and see where I compare with the majority.

Top Annoyances While Boarding

For me, it has to be blocking the aisle. People don’t seem to understand there’s a whole group of people behind them that also need to get to their seats, and the aisle isn’t big enough for two. I’d ordinarily choose the “luggage is too big option,” but I’m guilty of that myself on several occasions. 🙂

Top Annoyances While Exiting

I’m not sure what “attempting to de-plane in front” means in this case since usually planes are deplaned in front, if you’re on a smaller non-widebody aircraft, so I’ll take this choice out of the running. For me, it’s leaving your seat before the seatbelt sign is turned off. While it doesn’t necessarily impact me, the flight attendant always seems to have to intervene and there’s an embarrassing announcement over the PA for all to hear. Please, just stay in your seats until the sign is turned off – it’s not that hard people.

Most Disliked Passenger to Sit Next To:

Hmm…this one’s tough. It’s a tie between the “customer of size” and the chatty person. I’ve had to deal with both and they’re no fun.

Top rude behaviors?

Loud talking. See here for why…

Ever complained for compensation?

Yes – for a free night. And boy was it well deserved.

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How should airlines deal with overweight passengers?

Require the purchase of a second seat, hands down. If it effects other people, it’s going to make for a very uncomfortable flight. I was once seated next to a gentleman in economy who “spilled over” into my aisle seat, practically squishing me into the armrest. Not fun.

Common items taken from the hotel…

Toiletries for me – I’ve never taken any of the other items, to be honest. To be fair, I think toiletries are fair game anyways since they’re consumable and you paid for the room.

Vacation vices…

For me, vacationing is a form of home…so…

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