A Big Tip for Guys Who Use the Restroom in Airports

This probably won’t interest the ladies, but for the gentlemen out there, there’s a suggestion I have for you when using the bathroom at airports.

Presumably if you’re traveling and in the airport, you’re going to have some sort of luggage with you, and a majority of the time, I’m betting it’s a roll-aboard. If you’ve got to go “#1,” whether in the public terminal restrooms or in the airline clubs, you’ll inevitably roll your suitcase inside, walk up to a urinal and do your business. That’s where the problem starts.

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You’ll end up keeping your luggage right beside you or behind you, but that’s a perfect time for a thief to snatch your bags and run, since, for a brief moment, your chances of running after them are hindered by you finishing your bodily habits. The thief knows that, and that’s exactly why they’ve taken advantage of you.

Here’s my suggestion, and something I always follow when in airports: I always use one of the private stalls. I can roll my luggage in, close the door, know if won’t be easily taken away, and carry on.


It’s a simple “trick” I’ve always had a habit of doing, and an easy way to avoid a nasty interaction with a crook.

For the ladies reading this, you’re already covered. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  1. Fathiss says

    That’s crazy. With all the security someone is going to steal and run? LOL! I thought I would open this and find something useful!
    If someone wants to steal luggage just sit at the carousel and grab and run. Much easier.
    That is the stupidest thing I have read yet. Do you really travel much?

  2. says

    Be careful of hanging stuff on that hook inside the stall. I prefer to use the restrooms in the lounge airside or the restrooms airside since the likelilhood of having thieves in the airside of the airport is low. Of course, if I’m travelling with someone, we always take turns going to the restroom (and let the other person stay outside with the luggage/bags.)
    Though I’m sure this happens in the USA and in relatively safe countries, I bet this scam happens a lot in more ‘dangerous’ airports.

  3. AnonCHI says

    Jamie – I totally understand where you’re coming from but stalls have different issues – generally very narrow, highly filthy / high likelihood of touching a surface, etc.

    I have a different solution which doesn’t always work – pick the urinal at the very end so someone would really have to work hard to get behind me and get up against the wall to steal my carry-on. Then I face slightly away from everyone else and can see my carry-on.

  4. says

    Another solution: Make sure your rollaboard is the shabbiest one in the restroom. Ain’t nobody gonna steal mine ๐Ÿ™‚

    Going beyond my idea, I have a friend who wrapped her perfectly-good rollaboard with ugly duct tape. She travels world-wide and reports little concern about theft.

    • Peter says

      Hey nothing againt duct tape. Its very useful and you always should care a roll around with you – ask MacGyver ;-). It even can expand the carrying capacity and is very helpful when TSA broke your checked bags once again ๐Ÿ˜‰

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