Hyatt Refuses My Tip at Breakfast; What’s the policy?

As a Hyatt Diamond, I receive free breakfast at all properties, which, in and of itself, can be quite valuable depending on the location – take, for example, Paris or the Maldives.

I’m not sure why, but it’s occurred to me lately that when I tip the server at breakfast (I put it on the bill and don’t leave cash), it always seems to be removed at check-out. Why?

Well, according to Hyatt, their policy is to not accept tips for the complimentary breakfast offering. Via their terms and conditions:

In Hyatt hotels that do not have a Regency Club or Grand Club lounge, daily complimentary full breakfast (tax and gratuity included) will be provided to the member and each guest registered in the room, maximum four (4) people. For stays at Hyatt Regency Bethesda, daily continental breakfast (tax and gratuity included) will be provided to the member and each guest registered in the room, maximum four (4) people.

When there’s good service, I do want to make sure the server is taken care of, and I’m concerned that Hyatt may not be tipping them adequately, though heard a rumor once that they were tipped 18% of the final bill (I’m not sure how accurate that is). Interestingly, the Park Hyatt Paris Vendome has started offering Platinum guests 50% off breakfast, which, by my guess, would not include the tip or taxes. So, you’ll still have to pay for that there.

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In all, Hyatt is very generous with their breakfast program:

  • In most properties, I’m offered breakfast for up to 4 people, regardless of whether there’s anyone else staying with me in the room. Actually, I’m more often than not proactively offered to go bring friends or family since I have “three more slots to fill” at the breakfast table. So generous.
  • In properties that say they offer breakfast to include coffee, juice and (1) entree, I’ve never had a circumstance where ordering a side, an extra drink (non-alcoholic, of course) or other usually chargeable item on the bill has resulted in me actually paying for it. Again, very generous.
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I find it funny the Hyatt Regency Bethesda (which I’ve reviewed here) is specifically mentioned as offering a complimentary continental breakfast, separate from the rest of the hotels. In fact, their breakfast is an a-la-cart service where you walk into a room, grab whatever you want from an assortment of pastries, yoghurt, breakfast sandwiches, chilled egg dishes, etc. So, perhaps they deserve a “special mention,” though I’m not really sure why.

What’s your experience tipping at Hyatt hotels for included breakfast?

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  1. Ed says

    Up until now I was confused how to handle the check. I’d ask at the front desk and the restaurant reception without feeling assured that the server would be tipped if I didn’t specifically write it on the comp check. Sometimes I’d write “Diamond Gratuity” on the tip line hoping that would ensure some money flowed to the server’s pocket. Reading the above clause I feel a little more comfortable but still unsure how much the server gets to keep. That information would certainly help me figure a supplemental cash tip if warranted.

  2. Deltahater says

    Oh come on, really?

    if you are that concerned about the waiter getting it, leave cash on the table. You are already getting a free meal.

    • says

      Is it REALLY included. I’ve heard different reports from different hotels – some say they compensate, some say they don’t. Also, I’ve heard different stories from Hyatt corporate, too. So, what it says and what might happen are two different things I think here.

  3. says

    I’ve never had it removed. I have a particularly great waiter I get at the Boston Regency a lot. There’s four of us when I go, and I always leave him $25 extra. I get charged that $25 extra per day, of course, but I’ve never had it removed.

  4. AnonCHI says

    Tipping creates so much cognitive overhead in the United States. We should just freaking pay people better and stop wasting so much brain space on this incredibly mindless issue. It makes my head hurt to explain to friends and family visiting from abroad about when one should and shouldn’t tip.

  5. says

    Is there a reason to leave it on the check (write in a tip) instead of cash? Unless you are earning points for a tip charged to your room folio (which I doubt) it is almost always best to tip in cash (at least from the perspective of the servers). There is another work-around if you really desire “points” (albeit credit card) for your tip. We do this in Vegas on comp meals (well, I don’t, since I tip cash….) ask them to open up a new check, swipe your card and charge you 1cent. Then, when they bring over the check you can write in a tip on the “new” 1cent check. Server should get the tip, and you’ll get the (credit card) points for the tip you put on the card.

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