Check Out the New, Final Design for the American Airlines Uniform

The new, revised American Airlines uniform has had some snags along the way, since US Airways and American Airlines merged back in 2013.

Via, TWA884 on FlyerTalk, the new uniforms are here, and he has pictures to share of what they look like.

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Impressions of Others

Reading through the comments of others on FlyerTalk, I can’t help but smiling.

SOB ER DOC says:

So basic. So bland. Absolutely nothing stylish or iconic about this look. A discredit to the brand. What’s going to be interesting is how these are going to look on fuller-figured crew members. Total fail.

Tucsnaz says:

The Royal Blue sweaters are soooo cheap looking. The rest is just meh.

Txrus says:

The bigger problem, at least from a pax perspective, is that these do exactly what the current US uniforms do-enable to crew to blend in & essentially be invisible to the pax. Which is one thing when they are transiting the airport but a completely different matter when they are supposed to be working, be it at the gate or on the plane. Especially when, like so many of them seem to do, they take off wings, name tags, & SIDA badges-they become just another person wearing a oxford shirt.

My Impressions

I’ve always been a fan of their legacy uniform – yes, it’s tired and outdated, but I guess I just like the way it keeps American’s heritage and legacy going. American did need a change, though (which was inevitable).

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As several folks on FlyerTalk have pointed out the person who created the uniforms went “button crazy.” Just counting the amount of buttons on the female uniform is making me dizzy. Really, it does seem a bit overkill.

I think the uniforms take more of a US Airways-esque approach, both in color and in design. They’re more “simple” it seems. The one thing that I’m really not a fan of is the blue stripe on the women’s and men’s dress jackets. I much preferred the original thick gold striping, though can understand a majority wanted something more subtle moving forward.

Overall, I think American did try to keep a “legacy” feel with the new uniforms, and perhaps it’s my old-school taste to not want to appreciate them, but I think there could have been far worse designs, so in that regard, I think these will look and wear well moving forward.

What do you think of the new American Airlines uniform designs?

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  1. Mica says

    This new uniform looks really great but not every American employee will get to wear them. Certain airport station agents that traditionally wore the more professional tailored uniform are now being made to wear a very FedEx-like uniform that consists of a blue button shirt and stiff navy cargo pants despite employees voicing desire for the tailored version.

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