Have no fear!


Have no fear! If you encounter this warning when visiting my website over the next 2-3 days, it’s totally fine! Unfortunately, a mysterious bug tried attacking my website throughout the past day or so, so in order to combat this and fight it off, a service I’m using will verify if you’re a real human. … [Continue reading]

Ask Me Anything on Amtrak!

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I’m a frequent Amtrak traveler as some of you may know, all thanks to living in the Northeast and having family here as well. I’m sort of the “resident guru” on Amtrak among BoardingArea bloggers, and have done a few presentations on Amtrak and their loyalty program, Amtrak Guest Rewards, at the last few Frequent … [Continue reading]

An Absolutely Phenomenal Week; Thank you!

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Phenomenal Week! When I started this blog over a year ago, I had several goals in mind: Sharing my passion of travel with others – both friends, family and strangers. Helping to educate others in miles, points and the ways of traveling. Posting news, tips, tricks and deals that help make traveling easier and more affordable. … [Continue reading]

Which font do you prefer?


I’m debating on changing the font on the blog to something a bit more modern, and in-line with similar blogs with high readership (surprisingly, a font affects how many folks are willing to read, since the eye is attracted to certain fonts over others). I need your opinion. Here are the two choices in the … [Continue reading]

Where am I headed in 2015?

Eithad First Class

As we kick off the new year today, I thought I’d highlight some of the known trips I have planned this year, and some exciting reviews you can  look forward to. While I haven’t listed each and every topic I’ll cover under each city, I’ve listed the major/”famous” hotels and the big airlines. In no … [Continue reading]